Hypnosis and Gambling (2)

How Hypnosis Helps With Gambling Issues

The Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association (AHA) has received approval for listing on the G-Line database to assist people through the use of hypnosis to help their addiction to Gambling.  For information of a Clinical Hypnotherapist in your area that may be able to assist you, call the Free Advisory Line 1300 552 254.


AHA Members treat with confidence any personal information about clients, whether obtained directly or by inference.  This applies to all verbal, written or recorded material produced as a result of the relationship.  All records, whether written or any other form, are protected with the strictest of confidence, (unless the law requires it to be otherwise).

G-Line Key Resources – Fast Finder

G-Line is completely confidential and operates in a variety of community languages including Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Macedonian, Croatian and Vietnamese. Anyone who is experiencing a gambling problem, or who knows of someone who is in need of G-line please ring 1800 633 635.

For more information see below:
  • The Department of Gaming and Racing
  • The Casino Community Benefit Fund
  • To talk to someone about gambling problems you, or someone close to you, may be having: Call  G-line (NSW) counselling service – 1800 633 635
  • To find a hypnotherapist in your area phone – 1300 552 254
  • To make a complaint about inappropriate or irresponsible practices you believe a gambling operator has engaged in, contact the Department of Gaming and Racing on (02) 9995 0300 or info@dgr.nsw.gov.au (GPO Box 7060, Sydney NSW 2001

Members of The Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association have been helping people to stop gambling for over 57 years.  If you are serious about seeking help for gambling, you can safely use this proven method.

Please contact the AHA ADVISORY LINE 1300 552 254 to arrange an appointment with your nearest practitioner, and see how Hypnotherapy can work for you.