Beryl Huntingdon

I am a Life member of the AHA having been a Member since 1984.
Beryl Huntingdon

Beryl Huntingdon

I became interested in Hypnotherapy in the 70’s, when Beverley Bultitude was practicing Hypnotherapy in the Medical Clinic at Cronulla, NSW and Beverley invited me to assist her in the clinic.

I studied with Bev and also attended a course with the “NSW School of Hypnotic Science,” attaining the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, December 1978. This offered me the opportunity to join the ASCH.

I shared Professional Medical Clinic Rooms in Cronulla, NSW’s with Bev, and when Bev decided to move to larger premises, I moved with her.  The clinic continued to expand hence my studies continued. I attended “The Academy of Natural Therapeutics” graduating November 1980 with a “Diploma of Swedish Massage.”   I   joined their Association, adding another bow to my string and a valuable addition to the practice.

In the 1980’s, an opportunity presented itself for me to visit the Philippines and research the Psychic healers, it was an unbelievable  experience.

In 1981, after completing their course, I was found suitable by the Board of Examiners to possess the qualifications required by The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and was issued a Master Hypnotist Certificate.

In November 1982 I was accepted to a full member of the ASCH.

In 1983 I attended a 3 Year Intensive Course in General Psychology, at the University of Sydney, Department of Adult Education, and proudly accepted my graduating Certificate.

Our clinic was then offering a number of variations of self-improvement therapies and it was then that a further addition was included, and that was “Cocoon’s Float Tanks”.

Bev and I with our individual clients were able to extensively gain quickening healing results with the use of the tanks, because we communicated with the floating client via the microphone, and in tank speakers.  Our positive hypnotic suggestions would be delivered with magnified, powerful influence.

Then I joined the AHA in June 1984, after passing the examination requirements.

When the AHA’s Head Office moved from Victoria to NSW I accepted the position of Treasurer, to manage the federal finances. At the time of the transfer the AHA had a nil balance of funds. I pride myself on my ability to organise and raise the funds resulting in the account swelling to approximately $16,000,00, during my 5 years on the Executive. (I was tight with the money distribution thus earning the reputation and nickname of “SCROOGE”).  This  “ Financial Gain” became the basis for the incoming Executors to further enhance the Association’s position.

During my time as Treasurer, the Association met all accounts, including the financing of wonderful social engagements and entertainment. The AHA members enjoyed social get togethers and celebrations, which often included fabulous mind magic illusions. I made lasting friendships with colleges and their families.

April 1987, I attended  the Basic Reiki I Course and the Advance Reiki 11 Course.  In July 1994, I graduated as a Reiki Master.  I assisted Beverley with the Reiki seminars, teaching and initiating new students to Reiki. Reiki is a unique, subtle, loving, energy force and it focus’s on Holistic healing, the Mental, Emotional, Physical and the Spirit. Dr Deepak Chopra speaks of the combination of these four elements in his books.  I have been interviewed on Radio several times including a 2-hour program in San Francisco to an audience in excess of 100,000 work commuters.

One of my most remarkable memories of clinical experiences was to work in the United States for 3 months in 1989.

In March 1992, the AHA presented me with a “Certificate of Appreciation”, in recognition and sincere appreciation for outstanding services rendered while holding the office of Treasurer. It is a certificate I truly value.

I enjoyed the clinic, counselling, hypnotising, massaging, including the float tank therapies with clients for over 25 years, before I decided to semi retire in 2003.  I continue to assist Bev with reception, appointments, inquires, organising the Reiki Seminars and attending to clinical paperwork.

I have 3 children, 2 daughters, one son and 8 grandchildren, the eldest grandchild is 26 years old. My life is full of wonderful experiences and the benefits are treasures I appreciate and value forever.

Beryl Huntingdon