Derk Brocx

Derk Brocx

My Parents were Dutch but I was born in Indonesia, During WWII I spent nearly four years in a Japanese concentration camps on Java at Banju, Biru and Ambarawa. After the war I went to back to Holland and then  came to Australia in 1951 on the SS Toscana with John Hemmes, (now a famous Sydney identity).

Over the years I have worked at the CSIRO (Administration); at the Uni. Of WA; Dept. Soil Science (Laboratory) under Prof. Alexander Parker; Then for the next twenty years, I was State Manager for a pharmaceutical company, with a major interest in drugs used in psychiatry, neurology and obstetrics.  Needing a change I went to the U.S. in 1986, to study at the Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles.

In 1994 I decided I wanted to do some more study so attended the Jansen Newman Institute with Michael Yapko. Then in 1996 I again had the urge to study so did a course at TAFE: “Understanding Addictive Behaviour”

In April 1994, was awarded by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners the “Unsung Hero Award”, “In Grateful Recognition of Relentless Political Activism to Preserve the Open Practice of Hypnotherapy in Australia”.

This twenty year effort of organising; 800 signature petition, Ministerial Submissions in all States, ongoing Submissions to all members of Parliament in WA, even a Submission to the European Parliament (Sub-Committee). Etc. etc.

During this time of Lobbying this was often a joint effort with that great friend and “sleuth” Donald P. March in Melbourne!

The de-regulation of hypnosis in the smaller states, only occurred when Victoria de-regulated hypnosis. Recognition and credit must go to two female lawyers: Hon Mary Teehan, Minister for Health in Victoria, and Ms Bernadette Steele at the  Victorian Department of Health. These two lawyers recognised evidence when provided with a massive amount of scientific evidence. They were prepared to make independent decisions against the prevailing opinions.
In 2005 the WA state government deregulated hypnotherapy and in recognition of my efforts towards this outcome the AHA awarded me Life membership for which I am very gratefully
I have now retired from providing therapy (due to family health issues), however, the fight goes on! Those who prevented and delayed the de-regulation of hypnosis are still at it but the fight must now be taken on by the next generation of hypnotherapists.

Derk Brocx