Onsy Mattar

Onsy Mattar

Onsy Mattar

In 1972, I was a practicing psychologist in Macquarie Street, Sydney. In the room next to me was a Hypnotherapist called James Ballantine who was Secretary of the AHA at that time. We used to talk about hypnotherapy and James gave me some tapes to listen to.

Then I became very interested in hypnotherapy and I wanted learn hypnosis. James said, “O.K.” I will teach you. Through James, I also got to know Warwick Batman. Then I saw a school advertising the teaching of hypnosis and I did a course.

At the time I was the only Arabic speaking psychologist and Hypnotherapist in Sydney and all the Doctors were sending people to me in Macquarie Street. I met a Syrian Doctor who suggested I come to Bankstown one day a week. I then met another specialist surgeon in Fairfield Heights that I met at a party who also asked me to give him one day a week.

After 11 years I was so busy that I dropped the Fairfield Heights day and concentrated at the Macquarie and Bankstown practices. Jim became sick and he gave me his practice as well. I divided my time between psychology and hypnosis.

When the building in Macquarie Street was sold, I closed my practice in Sydney and solely concentrated since then at Bankstown. I have now been here 30 years. Other Doctors approached me and I do some work every second Friday at Hassal Grove and every Wednesday at Marrickville.

After 33 years I am still working. (However, I have cut my hours down – I now don’t start till 10:00am and finish approximately between 6:00 to 8:00pm.)

In my early days, psychologists did not need to be registered and I was one of the first psychologist’s to be registered in March 1991.


Onsy Mattar has been a member of the AHA, since 1975.
He has been a member of The Australian College of Private Consulting Psychologists, since 1980, a member of The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists since 1980, and a member of the International Academy of Eclectic Psychotherapists since 1983.
He has been awarded the honorary title of Doctor.
He is also the current President of The Institute of Australian Egyptian Culture.