Paul Savage

Born in Mordialloc , 1st son to Frank and Olive Savage

Paul Savage

Paul Savage

At 16 he met the love of his life, 15 yr old Maureen . He joined the Merchant Navy and boarded the SWEDISH SHIP,  Goonawarra, a mess boy to the crew and had two trips to San Francisco in 1943.  He bunked with the only English speaking person on board.   He took his banjo with him but constantly played  “Red sails in the sunset” and then he learnt “Lovely Hula hands” but because of the repetition, a sailor finally grabbed the banjo and threw it overboard.

When he was 18 he joined the RAAF and trained at Tocumwal near Shepparton.  He came out of WW11 as a Medical Orderly, then back in civilian life he became an Ambulance Officer.

At 20 he married Maureen, continuing many jobs to provide for his wife and two young children Annette and Leon.  He did some nursing training at Larundal Pyschiatric Hospital , then an Industrial Nurse at Berger’s Paints,  thus the yearning to learn more in the Medical Field.

His interest in Hypnotherapy was growing, he started his part time clinic in Box Hill, whilst working part time at Fairfield Infectious Diseases, mainly assisting with the polio victims in iron lungs.  Then before he knew it the Box Hill Hypnotherapy Clinic was full time and Paul and Maureen felt comfortable enough to have two more children.  Paul and Diane.

Paul’s dedication to helping people towards a better life was the mainstay of his profession as a pioneering hypnotherapist during the 1960’s. So convinced was he of his path in life that he took on the state health authorities in a David and Goliath battle of wills, in which he and his colleagues ultimately won out against the government health bureaucracy that was mired in the conservative medical practices of the past.

He was also a founding member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association and he is mentioned in Hansard  ~ Victorian Parliament gaining official recognition on   Date 19 July 1967

Victoria Gazette and naming all members (9) as the only legal Hypnotherapists not having a Psychology qualification to practice.

This win against all odds was made official with legislation that allowed him and his colleagues to practice under government regulation their chosen profession without the threat of state government litigation. He founded with his colleagues, the Australian Hypnotherapy Association of which he became the president and included members from all over Australia. He was an active member until retiring maybe only 10-12 years ago. The AHA now has representation in every state of Australia.

Paul certainly was a progressive thinker at a time when mental health was little understood and now nearly 50 years on we are hearing the words ‘counselling’, ‘therapy’, ‘healing’, psychotherapy or “talk therapy” popping up in everyday conversation.  Paul was part of a new wave of thinkers that wanted to make a difference to the medical profession. He had a belief, that mental health was just as important as psychical health.

As life was becoming more complex, there was a need in society for a more advanced approach to health,,,, and through the  vision of people like Paul, the fringes of hypnotherapy have become part of the mainstream health treatments for the benefit of  us all.

Paul ran a successful hypnotherapy practice for many years, testament to his studious research, progressive ideas, determination  to succeed and not least the numerous people he helped.