Bogus claims in South Australia

Bogus Claims Made By The SA Branch of the Australian Psychologists Society

Bruni Brewin, President of the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association, in response to the Sunday Article; Fears of hypnosis ‘open slather’, says the SA Branch of the Australian Psychologists Society is party to ‘scare mongering’ the public with false claims that deregulating hypnotherapy from their domain will lead to backyard hypnotists with ‘Mickey Mouse’ inferior training, preying on members of the public who may be gullible.” Shame on you Ms Dakin.

Ms Dakin at the ripe old age of 30+, with all of two years of training in hypnosis has been using hypnosis since 2004. If Ms Dakin had got her facts straight, she would know that the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association was founded in 1949 and will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary of Foundation next year (a little bit longer than 4 years). Hardly a ‘Mickey Mouse’ Association, preying on members of the public.

She would also know that Psychologists were ‘unregistered’ practitioners until the early 1970’s. I would assume that they (Psychologists) didn’t think they were backyard practitioners with ‘Mickey Mouse’ inferior training, preying on members of the public, prior to their registration?

Let me assure Ms Dakin and the Public that Clinical Hypnotherapists who are members of the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association are all accredited by our professional accreditation board. Also of course all members of the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association know when to refer.

And in response to Ms Daikin’s concerns about anxiety, it is interesting to note that the SA Branch of the Australian Psychologists Society wants to incorporate EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) into their practices. EFT has shown its efficacy in removing anxiety and trauma, even in extreme cases. This therapy, also known as Psychological Acupuncture, has been used by many Hypnotherapists in their practices for nearly a decade. This therapy came from a Stanford University Engineer name Garry Craig, hardly a psychologist, doctor or dentist.

I would like to quote part of a letter to you by Dr. Herbert Spiegel, Professor of Psychology Columbia University School of Medicine to Dr. Fred Frankel, President of the ISH, published in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis (Vol.. 23, No. 2), Dr. Herbert Spiegel sought a reconsideration of the ISH resolution regarding the use of hypnosis by non-medically trained practitioners.

In part, Dr. Spiegel wrote: If we have any special knowledge about hypnosis. It is our ethical obligation to share this knowledge with others who in their own field are diligently pursuing their own work. By sharing we can very likely learn from them as well. To presumptuously claim that only we can utilize this knowledge inflates our role, invites ridicule, and undermines our own credibility. Since it is well documented that dentists make excellent use of hypnosis, why do we expect less of another professional group whose primary training is likewise not in psychology or psychiatry or medicine?
Members of the Public are able to learn more about the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association by looking on their website: or by phoning the National  Advisory line, 1300 552 254.