Hypnotherapy Training

hypnotherapy training
AHA Recognised Hypnotherapy Training Courses

Hypnotherapy can be a very rewarding career and the AHA has been in the forefront of setting standards for the profession in Australia for more than 60 years.

The information about courses on this website is not complete, other courses may exist that meet AHA Clinical or Associate Membership training standards, however, we may not be aware of these.

Training institutions wishing to be added to the list or anyone wishing to discuss training issues can contact the AHA on the Advisory Line 1300 55 22 54.

Although the AHA maintains a list of Training Providers who all offer Training Courses that meet AHA Associate and /or Clinical  standards, registration with the AHA (and thereby the acquisition of an Associate or Clinical membership certificate) is not restricted to applicants from these courses. Both registration and these industry-based awards are available to any suitably qualified practitioner.

Which training organisations are recognised by the AHA?

If you have decided to enrol in a hypnotherapy course, you’d like to know that you will be accepted by the association of your choice with a minimum of fuss.  So how do you know if a course is acceptable and meets recognized standards? Here are some of the things you should consider.

  • Check if the school you are about to join is listed on Recognised schools.  These schools will work to ensure their graduates can join the AHA with the minimum amount of fuss
  • If that school is not listed, it could just be that they have not yet applied for recognition. Just contact the AHA Advisory Line 1300 55 22 54 to see if they meet AHA associate or clinical minimum requirements.

Once you have commenced your course, think about becoming a Student member with the AHA.  As an AHA Student member you will be eligible to attend AHA workshops at the discounted member rate.

The AHA is independent of any school or training institution and its members come from a variety of training backgrounds. The AHA accepts that the different institution will teach hypnosis and hypnotherapy in their own way, however there are core subjects that all applicants will need to have covered to be considered “professional” and to meet AHA’s high standards. After all would you want to join an association that has such low standards that it allows anyone to join, just hand over your money,  without even an interview to check if they are proficient in what they say they can do?

See the AHA Prospectus for further information.

Recognised training schools and courses by location

Australian Capital TerritoryNew South WalesNorthern Territory
QueenslandSouth AustraliaTasmania
VictoriaWest AustraliaInternational

A word of caution

In any search for professional training it is essential to exercise care and common sense. The AHA makes no representations about the expertise or suitability of the Training Institutions or the accuracy of the information they provide. Where a training facility specifies any accreditation they are responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide.

Individuals seeking to engage in a training program are advised to confirm for themselves the validity of the claims made by the Training Institution. See the AHA guidelines to confirm minimum standards. You have the sole responsibility for the decision to engage in a particular course of study, and the AHA is not liable for any injury, loss, or damage that results from your use of the information contained in this Training Courses Guide.