AHA Recognised Training Courses – TAS

Courses available in the TAS that meet AHA Clinical training standards
(AHA Recognised Training Courses – TAS)

All Certificate IV and Diploma courses must be accredited by the appropriate state education and vocational authority and meet Nationally Recognised Training standards or alternatively meet the AHA recognition standards.

Academy of Applied Hypnosis

Course:  Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy ASQA (Gvt. Accredited,  Cert IV Clinical  Hypnotherapy ASQA (Gvt. Accredited), Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, ASQA (Gvt. Accredited)
Training: Distance and face to face seminars
Location: Melbourne
Contact: Ph  03 9585 8129 Email anette.matys@ahs.edu.au  Web ahs.edu.au

Australian College of Hypnotherapy

Course: Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & NLP (Government accredited), Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, (Gvt. Accredited)
Training: Distance and face to face seminars
Location: Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne
Contact: Ph 02 9550 9673  Email rhondda@ach.edu.au Web ach.edu.au


Academy of Hypnotic Science

Course:  Cert IV Hypnotherapy VETAB (Gvt. Accredited), Diploma of Hypnotherapy, VETAB (Gvt. Accredited)
Training: Distance and face to face seminars
Location: Melbourne
Contact: Ph (03) 9532 4433 Email admin@academyhypnoticscience.net  Web academyhypnoticscience.net

Australian Hypnosis and Training Services

Course:  Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis & Psychotherapy, Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis, Master Course
Training: Distance and 5 day face to face seminars
Location: Tasmania
Contact: Ph 0431 547 908  Email info@hypnotherapytrainingcollege.com.au  Web www.hypnotherapytrainingcollege.com.au


The Centre of Effective Therapy with The Milton H Erickson Institute of Tasmania

Course:  Cert IV Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Solutions in Hypnosis, Building on an Ericksonian Approach
Training: Face to face and distance components
Contact: Ph 0433 273 352  Email rob@cet.net.au  Web cet.net.au & robmcneilly.com

Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Course:  Diploma Of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
Training: Face to face
Location: Gold Coast
Contact: Ph 07 5535 8462  Email info@apcch.com.au  Web apcch.com.au