Member Associations

All Hypnotherapy organisations, that share the ideals and goals of the AHA in promoting the profession of clinical hypnotherapy, are invited to apply for Membership with the AHA, either as a Member Association or as an Affiliate Member Association.

Member Association Membership

Hypnotherapy Associations applying for Member Association (MA) membership with the AHA need to supply documentation that demonstrates that their standards for membership by their members concur with the AHA’s Minimum Standards of Education and Training, please see the AHA Prospectus for details. MA membership with the AHA will enable individual members of that MA to apply for individual membership with the AHA, for more details email Kelly Buckley or call the AHA on 1300 552 254.

Affiliate Association Membership

The AHA also offers Hypnotherapy Associations Affiliate Association Membership. Affiliate Member Associations would agree to come under the AHA Code of Conduct and pay a small capitation fee to the AHA for each of their members. In return for the capitation fee each MA’s member automatically becomes an affiliate member of the AHA and will receive a copy of the AHA journal, cheaper professional indemnity insurance, representation by AHA, rebates to AHA activities and any other benefits and services that are agreed upon. Affiliate Member Associations remain independent of the AHA and cannot be directed by the AHA to adopt or otherwise policies or changes to their constitution. The primary benefit of affiliation to the AHA is the power of numbers and mutual access to benefits and services.

For more details or to link as a Member Association with the AHA call the AHA on 1300 552 254

Associations wishing to form an Alliance with the AHA

Associations wishing to form an alliance with the AHA or internet link with the AHA, please contact the National Office on 1300 552 254.