QLD supervisors and peer support groups

Queensland Clinical Supervisors
Brisbane Metro
Peter McMahon

Ph: (03) 9579 0700 Mobile 0407 771 356
Email: peter@hypnotherapyqueensland.com
Web: www.hypnotherapyqueensland.com

Qualifications: Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy; CMAHA, NHRA, Health Fund Provider

Available for: Face to face - individual & group supervision
Brisbane Metro / New FarmAntoine Matarasso

Ph: (07) 32541373 Mobile 0404 218 959
Email: antoine@ahahypnotherapy.org.au
Web: www.trancesolutions.com

Qualifications: President Emeritus AHA Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dip. CM/Couns,
Life Member AHA, CMEHA, NHRA™, Qualified Supervisor AHA / ASCH / PHWA,
Health Fund Provider

Available for: Face to face - individual supervision, Skype supervision
BrightonYael Tsvieli Reiss

Mob: 0431 83 7878 Ph: 07 3869 0469
Email: yael@yaelreiss.com
Website: www.yaelreiss.com.au

Qualifications: M.A. Social Work, Dip. Hypnotherapy, NLP trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, AHA Clinical Supervisor, CMAHA, NHRA

Available for: Phone, Face to face – individual & group supervision
Brisbane / Brookfield Gwen Pasin
Mobile: 0404 705 453
Email: gwenpasin@gmail.com
Web: www.BrisbaneWestHypnotherapy.com.au
Master of Counselling (Neuropsychotherapy), Bach.Social Science Honours (Psychology), Cert. IV & Diploma of Hypnotherapy, Cert. Professional Supervision, Master NLP and Time Line Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, CBT & Mindfulness, CMAHA, NHRA.
Available for: Skype, Phone & Face to Face - Individual & Group Supervision.
Brisbane / WooloongabbaGwendoline Ford

Ph 07 3217 3560 Ph 1300 13 14 72

Email: info@careeraccelerators.com.au    

Web: www.careeraccelerators.com.au

Qualifications: Dip. Clinical Hyp: Adv Dip. Life Coaching, Cert Fertility by Hypnosis, Certified Past Life Regression, Licensed Hypno-band Practitioner. Stress Consultant, Course Developer and Accredited Trainer, CMAHA, NHRA, Health Fund Provider

Available for: Face to face - individual & group supervision
Brisbane / Highgate HillMarie Element

Ph (07) 3844 9620 Mob: 0421 396 994

Email: marie@marieelement.com.au    

Web: www.marieelement.com.au 

Qualifications: Dip.C.Hyp, CMAHA, EFT Practitioner, Clinical Supervisor, Health Fund Provider
Available for: Face to face - individual & group supervision
Brisbane / Hamilton Yildiz Sethi

Ph: 07 3390 8039 Mob: 0412 172 300

Email: info@yildizsethi.com     

Web: www.brisbanehypnotherapy.com.au 

Qualifications: M.Soc.Sci (Counselling); Grad.Dip. Counselling; Dip.Cl.Hyp; Cert. NLP practitioner; Cert.Timeline Therapy; Cert Ego State Therapy; Family Constellation practitioner and Trainer; Educator ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology); Cert IV workplace training; Cert. Supervisor; Accredited professional supervisor with AHA; ASCH; ACA; QCA

Available for: individual supervision for Counselling or Hypnotherapy and Group Supervision for counselling or hypnotherapy
Gold Coast
Biggera WatersGlynis Bretherton

Ph: 07 56790541  Mob: 0431 547 908

Email:  info@aushypnosistraining.com.au  

Web: www.aushypnosistraining.com.au

Qualifications: Qualified Counsellor, Qualified Hypnotherapist, Educator; CMAHA, Health Fund Provider 

Available for: Face to face - individual & group supervision
Hope IslandBernadette Rizzo

Ph (07) 3844 9620 Mob: 0421 396 994

Email: bernadette@hypno-counselling.com        

Web: www.hypno-counselling.com    

Qualifications: Cert. Supervision, Dip.C.Hyp. Dip Ego State, Master NLP, Grad. Dip. Gestalt Therapy, Dip. Relationship Counselling. Cert EFT, CMAHA

Available for: Skype; Phone & Face to face - individual & group supervision
Palm BeachDebbie Bow

Ph: 0404 875 574

Email:  azurisperfect@hotmail.com  
Web: www.azur.com.au

Qualifications: BA. Soc.Science, Dip Hyp; Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer,
Adv.Cert EFT; Dip. Early Childhood, Cert. Supervisor, Cert. Trainer & Accessor,

Available for: Face to face - individual & group supervision
RobinaBarry Pierce


Ph: 07 5562 5333 Mob: 0422 220 499

Email:  barry@hypnotherapy4u.com.au

Qualifications: BA; Dip. Hyp., Prac. NLP, Dip. Cl. Hyp. Dip. Env Design, Doctor of Divinity(USA); Cert Supervision.
Available for: Skype; Phone; face to face individual & group supervision 
Sunshine Coast
Buddina & Caloundra Karen Bartle

Ph: 07 5329 2293
Email: sunnycoasthypnotherapy@gmail.com
Web: www.hypnotherapy-training.com.au

Qualifications: MSc Health Psychology, BSc (Hons) Psychology, Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, NLP Practitioner, Cert Stress Management, Cert. Hyp. Sup.

Available for: Face to face - Individual & group supervision – face to face, phone & VOIP (Skype
& Go to Meetings)
Peregian Beach & Birtinya
Silke Herwald

Ph: 07 5471 2201 Mob: 0415 940 162
Email: silke@australianhypnotherapycentre.com.au
Web: www.australianhypnotherapycentre.com.au

Qualifications: Cert. Supervision, Master Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Diploma of Modern Wellness Psychology, Mind Academy certified, Cert. Rapid Inductions, Cert. Stage Hypnosis, CMAHA, NHRA, Health Fund Provider.

Available for: Skype, phone, face to face – group and individual supervision.
North Queensland
MackayCathy Lee

Ph: 0419 703 957
Email: leewayhealing@gmail.com
Web: www.leewayhealing.com

Qualifications: Bachelor of Community Welfare, Dip. Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Clinical Qual. Ego State Therapy, Cert. IV TAE, Clinical Supervisor AHA, CMAHA, NHRA

Available for: Phone. face to face - individual & group supervision


Queensland Peer Support Groups
Cleveland Peer Support GroupPlease contact Angela Griffin on 0411 748 186. Meet monthly. 
Carindale Peer Support GroupPlease phone Briar Willard on 0404 067 367
Everton Park Peer Support GroupPlease phone Glen Chandler on 07 3354 4555
Kenmore/Springfield Peer Support GroupHeld at Kenmore and Springfield Lakes 1st Tuesday of the month. Please phone Lee Barnasson if you wish to attend.
Moreton Bay Region Peer Support GroupHeld at Strathpine / Deception Bay (Alternating).
First Tuesday evening of every month.
Please phone Laurie Lingard on 07 3205 2440 if you wish to attend
Taigum/North Brisbane Peer Support GroupPlease phone Tony Thorne on 07 3341 3808
Springwood Peer Support GroupPlease contact Glenn Trott if you wish to attend on 07 3265 4078
Gold Coast
Broadbeach Peer Support GroupHeld at 19-21 Albert Ave Broadbeach
Every 3nd Tuesday of the month from 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Please phone Geoff Sly on 07 5526 2525 or email goldcoastlifestyle@bigpond.com if you wish to attend
Palm Beach Peer Support GroupFirst Wednesday of every month from 9:00 to 12:00. Call Deborah Bow on
0404 875 574 if you wish to attend
Sunshine Coast
Peer Support Group
Meet at VAST, Kawana Way, Birtinya.
First Wednesday in the month/or by arrangement 12:30 pm. Contact Isabella Parker on (07) 5446 8620 or email:
Peer Support Group
Monthly group supervision held at the Grand Pacific Break Free Resort, Bullock Street, Caloundra.
Please contact Karen Bartle, sunnycoasthypnotherapy@gmail.com
(07) 53 292 293 for more details.
Gladstone Peer Support GroupHeld at Clinton Therapy Centre, Clinton 4680
Every 1st Wednesday of the month from 5:00pm – 7:00pm
.Please phone Wendy Hall on (07) 49784405 or
0438 765 529 if you wish to attend.
Peregian Peer Support GroupMeets Thursdays 7-9 am. Silke Herwald Ph: 07 5471 2201 Mob: 0415 940 162
North Queensland
Regional Queensland
Please phone Cathy Lee on 0419 703 957 if you wish to attend